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I want you to feel good in what you wear.

 bring outfits you love,  and something your parents love too!

Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing

and that it flatters you.

Think about what colors will bring out your eyes,

and are flattering to your skin tone.

Bring a variety of colors and styles!

- lights - darks - casual - dressy - anything with pockets

group your outfits together, make sure they are ironed and

ready to go on hangers or in a tote. 

Don’t forget about your nails and bring accessories!


 Browse the internet for some inspiration


balloons    pets   cats   dogs   blankets  glitter   hats   sun glasses     books     flowers     confetti    sports gear   flower crown     chalkboard signs   bubbles   coffee mugs   

couch     a cool car    unique chair 

the bed of a truck   instruments 

Feel free to send me any Pinterest ideas or poses you love,

and we can draw inspiration from them!

Let’s get creative!


The Week

 Leading Up

1. Get your beauty rest.

2. Hydrate for a healthy glow, drinking water is huge!

3.  Use chapstick to heal/prevent cracked lips.

4. Don't pick at skin. Don't worry about blemishes, I got you covered. 

5. Moisturize. I highly recommend having your makeup done by a professional. If you choose to do your makeup yourself, I recommend doing a trial run and watching some awesome makeup tutorials on Youtube! Contouring and correct bronzing placement can really help your natural features stand out. Ladies if you normally like to keep a natural look that is great. I do recommend wearing a full coverage matte foundation for an even skin tone (except for those with freckles). Wearing a full coverage matte foundation might feel like too much in real life but in the photos you will not be able to tell you even have it on & will help make editing go so much smoother. 

6. Select outfits / accessories / props the week before so you are prepared!

(Have outfits wrinkle free on hangers or place in a tote/bag.)

7. Have nails, painted or natural

(no chipped nails, think if your nail polish will clash with any outfits)

8.Don't worry about the weather, Idaho's forecasts are always shifting so for best accuracy I check the hourly report the day of or the night before to make sure it's suitable.

9. Don't stress, we will get awesome shots, have fun exploring, find cool backgrounds, chase the best light and get you an awesome variety of portraits! 

10. We are a team, and the best thing you can do is trust me, have fun, and go with the flow. 


Photo Day! 

1. Remaining balance is due at the end of your session.

Your invoice/receipt shows the amount owed. 

Payment options:


Check - made to "Rachel Zenor" please don't put photography at the end.


2. Meet me at our planned location with all of your outfits/accessories/props in a bag/tote & get ready for a fun photo adventure! Don't forget to bring water.

(Hairspray, makeup, hair brush, can be great things to have on hand to stay fresh)

If you are running a little bit behind please don't stress, I understand you have a lot going on today! I like to give ourselves a little cushion just in case of any curve balls.

3. You did it! I get to go home and edit all of the awesome moments and images we created! I will text you as soon as your gallery is ready!! Your gallery will be sent to the same email that I sent the reservation request to! You will have your gallery in 10 days or less from our shoot!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph you!!!

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